Empower’s digital and blended learning styles

The traditional and current methods of training in the development sector have largely included face to face and classroom training. However, given the complexity of technical topics, multiple case scenarios, limited scale, and requirement of personalized approaches, traditional training methodologies may fall short in imparting this wide range of fine skills to participants in an effective manner. On the other hand, leveraging technology is a sustainable, accessible, scalable, and cost-effective method.

Empower’s digital and blended learning styles include micro-learning, web-based learning, instructor-led training, adaptive assessments, gamification - as well as innovative learning approaches like augmented reality for complex training of diagnostics and devices and mobile classrooms for resource-limited last mile and rural areas.

Our digital tools and techniques allow for technical assistance and mentoring, peer to peer learning, automated support such as chatbots and IVRS. We also conduct webinars and classroom training to ensure better one-to-one interaction and exchange of thoughts and ideas among the team.

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