Empower has direct and relevant experience in building the capacity of health workers at different levels through the development and scale-up of web and mobile-based e-Learning management systems across the various organizations in different countries.

The platform is scalable and serves as a compendium of resources and courses, and a collaboration center that allows members of a community to interact with each other. The platform can be used as a digital aid to increase the capacity of wide cadres of staff and ensure collaboration and engagement with multiple stakeholders. The platform encourages instructors to guide and manage user achievement more effectively by contextualizing the learning experience itself in a consistent and creative way.

The platform comes with both online and offline features which will enable the user to download and view the content in case there is no network connectivity. The bookmark feature present in the platform enables the user to start the point where he would have left while he was offline. By this, users will not lose their progress (because of no connectivity) and the admin can also track the data once they are back online.

Features and functionalities of the platform