Learning interventions by Empower

A learning intervention is complete and successful only when the learners are motivated and the learning is active. Empower ensures the same by integrating the following features in its learning interventions:

To accomplish this, we cover the entire spectrum of services right from the needs assessment, technical content development, instructional design, content design, translation, design, and development of the learning platform, hosting and maintenance, content/ platform configuration, e-learning QC, course marketing, engaging all the users, entire project management, delivery, and impact assessment.

Empower uses the following interventions for providing a unique learner engagement experience:

  • Adoption of technology- The use and adoption of technology is an important success factor for any learning intervention. Continuity is usually seen when the technology is easy to use. Empower ensures continuity is maintained by adding interactivities, ease of navigation, cross-device functionality, and a robust instructional design.
  • Easy to use content- Users remember an experience that is digitally compact and comprehensive. Empower engages a multi-functional team consisting of public health experts, instructional and graphic designers, digital learning specialists, and language experts to create an easy and memorable user experience.
  • Level of collaboration - One-way learning delivery, without interaction or collaboration is known to make any learning material irrelevant. Empower identified this issue, and ensures collaboration with the users in the pre-development, development, and implementation phase through consultation, feedback analysis, and pilot testing.
  • Certification - To ensure uptake of the learning intervention, Empower partners with relevant academic institutions such as universities, centers of excellence, and global agencies for certifications and accreditations. For technology-driven interventions, we integrate the same within the learning platform to ensure maximum efficiency through an automatic certificate generation process.

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