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Empowering Millions with Digital Learning

27 - May - 2022

“Empowering Millions with Digital Learning”, a dialogue hosted by Empower School of Health (ESH) at Ambassador Hotel, Khan Market, New Delhi on 27th May 2022. It yielded a physical and virtual space for global thought leaders, Government officials, donors, multilateral agencies, private sector, NGOs, and academia to catalyze meaningful dialogues, share ideas and envisage emerging trends in digital learning. The principal objective of the event was to leverage government systems and private sector capacity to reach across India, with a special focus on promoting access and equity to last miles.


Dr. Sanjiv Kumar, Dr. Reuben Swamickan, Dr. Mahesh Srinivas, Dr. Bulbul Sood, Dr. Kuldeep Singh Sachdeva, Mr. Sameer Kanwar, Mr. Madhav Joshi


Shri Sunil Kumar, Dr. K. Madan Gopal, Prof. Paul Lalvani