About the Foundation

Launched in 2020, Empowering Millions Foundation is a first of its kind e-learning organization specially created for and dedicated to building the capacities of, grassroots NGOs and CBOs in India and globally by implementing digital learning projects.

Grassroot NGOs and CBOs, despite their last-mile connect, are often faced with challenges in funding and resource mobilization due to a lack of proper management system, communication, and mobilization skills, or preparedness of the internal organization.

Driven with a vision to mitigating these challenges, the Empowering Millions Foundation has been launched to help the local community reap the benefits of "Digital Learning" at the very grassroot level.

The Foundation uses the blended learning approach, combining face-to-face courses, full e-learning courses, separate e-learning modules, knowledge of in-house national and international experts, toolkits, and collective and individual coaching.

Empowering Millions Foundation is not only an effort to strengthen the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid in India and globally, but also an attempt to bring transparency and accountability in the workings of the development sector at the grassroot level.