Crisis Management for Public Officials: Basic Skills

The course is open to any interested parties, but especially benefits:

  • Students in public administration, international relations, international governance, healthcare administration
  • Professionals in healthcare-related activities
  • Professionals engaged in local, national, or international governance
  • Holistic approach on crisis management and its various forms from high-level UN experts

    The course develops the skills required to overcome the challenges of managing various types of crises; enhances the understanding of crises' consequences; and provides a platform for public sector officials to learn from crisis management responses to effectively prepare for future crises.

    Module I: Fundamentals of crisis management

    Module II: Covid-19 and the public sector

    Module III: Crisis management and public administration

    Module IV: Governing after a crisis

    • USD 100(exclusive of taxes and bank charges)
    • Group registration discounts available
    • Course language—English
    • The course is broken into 4 modules, with a quiz at the end of each module
    • In order to qualify for the certificate, jointly issued by UNITAR and Empower School of Health, participants must obtain a score of at least 70%
    • Technical support is provided via email and discussion forums.
    • 4 quizzes