Our core values at Empower

Our values guide how we design and empower millions:

  • Be open: We’re transparent with our learners, our partners, and each other about what we’re doing and why.
  • Empower others: We help our learners, our partners and each other be the best they can be, welcoming anyone to the Empower community.
  • Leadership – Through our collective knowledge, experience, and scope we serve as a globally recognized authority in digital learning.
  • Collaboration – We embrace the spirit of exploring challenges, sharing ideas, and creating solutions to accomplish goals beyond the capacity of any single member organization.
  • Advocacy – We actively promote and support effective local, state, and national policies that impact the development of quality digital learning and access for all students.
  • Innovation – We share our collective expertise, capacity, and resources to imagine and enable the adoption of transformative educational practices to impact teaching and learning in positive ways.
  • Learn together: We listen to and address the needs of our learners and partners, celebrating our successes and learning from our failures.
  • Think big: We strive to transform education - and change our learners’ lives, our partners’ businesses, and the world in the process.
  • Exciting learning experience: We make online learning enjoyable for our learners and our partners alike, and have fun while we’re doing it.